Pentel Introduces New Tools for the Holidays


Our pals atPentel know us well: we love some pizazz. That's exactly what you get with their new line of gel pens calledSlicci. These perfect little rollers are sure to spice up your holiday cards without going overboard.

Gel pens are wonderful writing utensils, but I get annoyed with them quickly because I always feel like they run out on me mid-sentence or they clog up-- and I usually end up smearing some part of the writing and wind up with a smudge of ink down my hand. But these metallic pens have been going strong from the first holiday card to the last (and believe me, there were many this year). I love how smooth they are and how quickly they dry. They add such a nice pop to your cards and envelopes and are eco-friendly.

Pentel's other new little gadget is the Tape'n Glue($4.62) tape adhesive roller. Not only is it available in hot pink and blue, but it's comfortable and easy for anyone to use. Usually giving a glue stick or roll of tape to a 2 year old makes me weary- but I have no fear giving her the wheel with this handy roller since there's no mess and only applies directly to where she puts it. For the more advanced user, these are perfect for holiday cards and scrap-booking. I wouldn't suggest using them to tape all your holiday packages, but they work great for detailed projects.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples to try. 

And the metallic pens make us feel super trendy.

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