Peachy Keen Recipes

PEACHY-Keen Recipes

Did you know that the peach is a part of the rose family?... Yeah, I didn't either until recently. And, apparently, almonds, plums, and apricots are too! So there you go... But I digress. The sweet, juicy, and fuzzy fruit conjures imagery of summertime in Georgia. And we're happy to make the most of National Peach Month, by consuming all the round or donut-shaped pitted peaches we can get our hands on. We'll eat em picked off a tree, blended into a smoothie, or baked into a pastry or dessert... Peachy keen!

Another fun and little-know fact about the peach? Its seed is actually sort of useful. They kind of taste like bitter almonds, and you can add a few (either whole or ground) into peach preserves, syrups, or even baked goodies to highlight the flavor. I always thought the peach pit was poisonous, and they do contain hydrocyanic acid which can be harmful in large amounts, but a grownup can safely eat a several seeds without worry. Still feeling concerned? Cooking them partially breaks down the acid to make it even less effective.

Of course you can skip this extra step altogether, and you'll still have some pretty darn tasty treats. In fact, I've rounded up ten totally tart and super sweet peach recipes to make all month long. Because, life is a peach--go ahead, and take a bite out of it!

peaches fried

Pan Fried Peaches via The Rising Spoon

peach pancakes

Brown Sugar Peach Pancakes via Oh Sweet Basil

peach fritter

Peach Fritter via Bunny’s Warm Oven

peach pie cinnamon rolls

Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls via Miss in the Kitchen

peach bread

Glaze Peach Bread via Deliciously Sprinkled

peach dumplings

Peach Dumplings via OMG Chocolate Desserts

peach crisp

Peach Strawberry Crisp via Valerie’s Kitchen

peach trifle

Peach Vanilla Cheesecake Trifle via Shared Appetite

peach upside down cake

Peach Upside Down Cake via Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

peach milkshake

Peach Milkshake via Six Sisters’ Stuff

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