DONUT even try to tell me that you're not obsessed with doughnuts! Deep-fried and loaded with frosting and sprinkles, they're the perfect breakfast eat, dessert treat, or anytime sweet!... And they're definitely having a trendy moment in food right now. (Move over pretty pastel macarons and kitschy-cute cupcakes. Make room for the almighty doughnut/donut!)

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To celebrate National Doughnut Day on June 2nd, we've rounded up a few totally out-of-this-world doughnut recipes! Because, you could get a regular one for free? Or you could make it look like a Pokemon! Stock up on those rainbow sprinkles... you're gonna need 'em.

Nine Fabulous Doughnut Recipes 

donut hello kitty

Hello Kitty Donut Milkshake via Bento Monsters

donut cones

Donut Cones via Wilton

donut cake pops

Mini Donut Cake Pops via Spring Lane

donut cookie monster

Cookie Monster Donut via Miss Blueberry Muffin

donut watermelon

Watermelon Donut via Paper & Stitch

donuts rainbow

Rainbow Donut via Paper & Stitch

disney donuts

Disney Donuts via Huffington Post

marble donuts

Marble Donuts via Sprinkles for Breakfast

giant donut cake

Giant Donut Cake via the Cake Blog


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