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Organizing Photos for the New Year

I've got thousands of photos at my disposal. I'm a snap-happy mom who loves to capture family moments PLUS I work in a very visual industry. Staying on top of all the images for my personal and professional work is a tall task. Thankfully, Microsoft makes products that help me sort, organize and share my pictures.

organizing your digital images

Over the holiday break I started organizing my 2013 photo book (yes, 2013, don't judge, I'm a year behind). I'm turning over a new leaf in 2015. I'm starting to use Microsoft Office products to keep me organized AS I GO. I know, I know, the concept is astounding. With any luck, at the end of the year I won't have to set aside hours and hours to select photos for our holiday card and photo album, and when I need access to my work photos, they will be in tidy little buckets.

digital photo organization

Photo Sorting and Storing Tips:

Rule #1. Back it up. Ever heard the sob stories of new parents who lost the SD card with all the baby pictures on them before they were uploaded? Heartbreaking. Set up a system where you save your photos to dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud system immediately.

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Rule #2. Syncing is even better. Since I switched the to Windowsphone from Nokia I hardly even use my SLR anymore. The phone is synced with my OneDrive (cloud storage with Microsoft) so I don't have to do any work.

Rule #3. Do two rounds of edits...and then keep going. We all get snap happy with digital and take far too many photos BECAUSE WE CAN. First edits included blurry ones, closed eyes, weird expressions. Second edits are usually poorly lit or poorly framed. These are easy to do--don't put off this task.

Rule #4. Sort it out. Remember that box of photos that lived in your closet that you never looked through because they were all jumbled. Same for your digital images. If you don't have them grouped in categories you'll never use them. I love to create slideshows with music in the background to share trips. The more sub categories you can create the better.

Rule #5. Share. Whether it's on instagram or in a photobook or gasp, the archaic framed print. Be sure to take the best images and share them with friends and family.

More good news for sharing pictures: Microsoft is updating the apps to sync with Dropbox. That means I can share my files easily with my family or co-workers. The updates for iPad, iPhone and Android Phones will be available from your device’s app store over the next few weeks. Click here to read more.

I'm proud to be an participating in the #OfficeChamps program bringing you the latest tech trends for busy moms.


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