Oeuf Dream Dress-Ups Design Competition

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The local NY moms at Oeuf really love to design AND dress-up. The folks at Oeuf (one of our favorite hig-end clothing brands for kids) want to help you out this holiday season by crafting a costume for your child. Does your child have a special idea for a costume that can't be found in stores or that you don't have the time or skills to make?

Oeuf is offering one lucky child a special hand-knitted costume made of the special Oeuf Bolivian Alpaca wool. They say they will "accept any challenge." Nope, it won't be ready for Halloween, but we bet it will be a year-round treasure.

Here's the deal parents. Have your kid draw a picture of what they want to be. Scan it and send it to competition@oeufnyc.com as a jpeg or PDF. Contest ends 11/14/10. Open to kids ages 2 to10. For more rules visit oeufnyc.com here http://www.oeufnyc.com/clothier-fall10.aspx

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We just think this contest is way cool.

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