#NoWifi Solutions for Moms


The polar vortex isn't a joke. Ask any of the parents trying to work from home this winter as kids enjoy another snow day thanks to Juno or the other storms coming our way. Weird violent weather seems to be here to stay. As a working mom, I'm glad I have the flexibility of working from home, but here's the thing--I don't have an IT department. I am chief technology officer of my business and of my family.

Teaming up on the Ultimate WIFI Survival Guide was a treat. Not only did I get to share my tips and stories about living without power and connectivity, I also got to work with some amazing women and thought leaders in social media. I know you are going to get a lot from hearing these stories and reading the tips for being prepared for the next big storm.

I shared my story about Hurricane Sandy (you can read more about it in this post) and why our family now has a APC Back-UPS Connect.

APC back ups

You're going to get tips like...THE 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO BUY BEFORE THE NEXT STORM.

power's out tips

This is just a small segment from the guide, I know you're going to want to see the entire thing, so here it is!

Get your house and business ready for the next storm.  Shop on Amazon here.

This post is sponsored by Schneider Electric. All opinions are my own. Hurricane Sandy photos are copyrighted to Momtrends LLC.

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