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Looking for a little lunch inspiration? The school year is well underway and you already need more than two hands to count the number of lunches you've made. If the lunch box menu is starting to get a little tired already or maybe you're a little wide-eyed at how much it's costing you to feed your littles, then you'll love the new freezer-friendly food pouches from Squooshi.

4 Fun Ways to Use Food Pouches

We've covered many of our favorite food pouches before on Momtrends, but these new Squooshi pouches are freezer-safe which means you can both plan ahead - go you! - sneak in a few more fruits and veggies - did someone say Super Mom? - AND help keep your kid's lunch cold until noon.

One of the reasons we love Squooshi is for their adorable, kid-friendly designs. What kid wouldn't be thrilled to open up and see this in their lunch box? We also love it as a great way to take food on the go for babies and tots.

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Here are five ways that we love to use food pouches.

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5 Ways We Love to Use Food Pouches

  1. Fill with homemade or store-bought applesauce (cheaper than buying apple sauce squeeze packs!)
  2. Fill with leftover smoothie - throw into tomorrow's lunch.
  3. Buy the large tub of yogurt and fill pouches with enough for snack or lunch.
  4. Make chia seed pudding the night before - throw into lunch or hand to sleep kid on the way to school.
  5. Mix roasted veggies from dinner (carrots, green beans, peas, etc.) into blender. Add some applesauce and blend to combine.

These new Squooshi pouches are easy to fill, easy to clean and now - freezer-safe!

Available in a set of six on Amazon.

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 Do you use food pouches? What's your favorite food pouch filler?

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