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Being a mom means paying attention. Your child's health and safety rely upon you reading labels and protecting your child. But oh, those labels. Trying to find the best products that are lead-free, PBA free and good for the environment can drive you insane. New Born Mom is a trusted resource (they are members of the Green Products Alliance and received the Green Seal of Approval from the New Parents Guide) to fine the best eco-friendly essentials. Better still, the two moms behind this online boutique have an eye for detail. No hemp sacks or ugly buggies--this is all elegant baby gear.

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I caught up with the moms behind NewBornMom for an exclusive Momtrends Q & A session.

What does the name of the business mean?
The most obvious reason why we named our company NewBornMom was that we had both become first-time mothers when we founded the company! This brand new experience brought upon some dramatic changes to our lifestyles, principles and outlook on life. All of a sudden junk food, chemical-filled products, toxic toys became major areas of concern. We felt an urgent need to improve the environment our daughters would grow up in and the answer seemed to be - GREEN!

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The second reason NewBornMom was a perfect fit was the fact we wanted our product line to focus on those baby essentials needed mainly during baby'??s first year of life. We only carry newborn sizes 0-12 months with very few products carrying over to the toddler stage. We felt, as new moms, this was the most nerve-racking and important stage of '??babyhood'?, so offering customers a 100% green, one-stop '??newborn'? boutique was key.

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Why do you think green mommas are so trendy?
The environment is a huge concern to us at this time and we believe we have finally arrived at a moment in time where it can no longer be ignored; on the contrary, it has become fashionable to be informed and pro-active.

What are some simple choices moms can make to help the environment?
'??Reduce/ Reuse / Recycle'? as cliché as it may sound it is a motto in both our homes! Green choices don'??t need to be life-altering. Leave the car at home and walk to places, take your own shopping bags to the supermarket, turn off appliances completely as opposed to leaving them on stand-by, change light bulbs around the house to energy efficient options, and whenever possible choose '??green'? when shopping!

Paper or cloth diapers--what did you pick and why?
This is an issue of huge debate for all green parents! There are two schools of thought - one that discourages plastic/paper diapers because they take too long to biodegrade which means they sit in landfills for generations; and the other that says the extra water and detergents used to wash cloth diapers may be just as harmful to the environment as the production and disposal of disposable diapers. We choose to steer clear of this topic as have done both at times during the diaper years!

Any big pet peeves about non-green parenting practices?
Our biggest pet peeve about non-green parenting practices is parents who claim to be green and then drive huge gas-guzzling SUV'??s through city centers.

What do your kids do to help out?
Our daughters are still very little, but we believe it'??s never too early to learn! We teach them the importance of recycling and keeping our land as garbage-free as possible, and actively show them how it'??s done on a daily basis. We also let them help by carrying some of the lightest grocery reusable bags from the store to the car or home.

Now it's time to shop. I'd like to call out a few items from NBM. Check out the UppaBaby G-Lite. It's made by a green-minded company, so these strollers are free of: PVC, Phthalates and Lead. Toys include organic rattles from miYim($11.95) and don't forget to order a Ja*Lu blanket--it's 100% certified organic and trimmed with low-impact dyes ($72).

Here's your chance to save some cash while going green.
NewBornMom is offering FREE Shipping on orders over $50*
Use Code: greenMT
Expires: April 30, 2009 @ midnight EST

** not applicable on furniture, high-chairs or bouncers; shipping for these items will be charged separately

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