New Biore Towelettes


I am a hard sell when it comes to beauty products, especially cleansers and moisturizers. I have been using the same simple products for 15 years and I love them, obviously. So what would motivate me to change? Another great product, like Biore's new make-up removing towelettes.

biore wipes

These hand-size towelettes ($7.91 for 30) are made from 100% renewable cotton fibers with a light texture to help exfoliate the skin. The light, fresh fragrance doesn't overwhelm even the most sensitive noses, like mine. The towelette works wonders for removing mascara--even waterproof. After wiping my face (and not rinsing because you don'??t have to), there was a fresh tingling sensation that made my skin feel clean, but not too dry or tight. While these won't replace my usual skin care regime, they will enrich my cleansing repertoire especially on those late nights when I am too tired (they are totally quick and convenient), or on those long plane flights or on a hot day when I feel sweaty. You can get Biore's new makeup removing towelettes at select food, drug and mass merchant stores. Or visit

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