New Balance Toning Shoes

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Who doesn't want to tone, reshape and tighten? The latest crave to get all of that - toning shoes. We put the New Balance truebalance 850 ($84.95) toning shoe to work this week and here is what we found.

When the shoes arrived I was immediately impressed with the color and style. The blackish grey and hot pink combo is fun and hip and fashionable enough to wear with jeans.

The shoes are designed much like a sneaker, minus the bulk and height. The mesh upper is great for breathability and they are extremely light weight.

Design is as equally important as function. The New Balance truebalance 850 toning shoes ($89.99) are incredibly comfortable and supportive, so much that I don'??t have to wear my orthotics with them. For more science behind the ABZORB design that makes them so comfy visit
Compared to regular walking shoes, the New Balance truebalance 850 toning shoes claim to:

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  • Increase calorie burning by 10%
  • Increase glute muscle activation by 16%
  • Increase quad muscle activation by 29%
  • Increase hamstring muscle activation by 16%
  • Increase calf muscle activation by 14%

Unclear if I achieved any of these claims walking an average of 2-5 miles per day (that'??s NYC for you), but I do know this:

  • I walked normally, not powerfully.
  • I did not feel any burning in my thighs, calfs, glutes or hamstrings during or after I wore them.
  • I did not lose any weight, nor did any part of my body feel more toned.

All in all, I don'??t think you can rely on a shoe to do so much. Hard work, regardless of the shoe, will obtain results.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a pair of the New Balance truebalance 850 toning shoes for testing purposes.

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