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Despite the fact that the recent rainy weather we've been experiencing has made every day feel like National Crayon Day (March 31st), the colorful truth is: today is the official calendar date. And in case you missed the big breaking news this morning, Crayola is marking the occasion by encouraging self-expression with some creative play.

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Why we love Crayons

Seriously though, we love our crayons around here. Drawing and coloring and playing with crayons is an everyday activity for my two toddlers. It helps them unwind and gives me some much-needed me-time. Heck, sometimes I even join them in a relaxing coloring sesh. (Whoever invented adult coloring books is a personal hero... Just add wine, and it's basically my ideal Friday night.)

If what to color is the question, Crayola has free coloring pages, some including your children’s favorite characters here:

To celebrate National Crayon Day, and entertain the kiddos--and yourself(!) during all the rainy days we're seeing in the upcoming forecast, I've rounded up a few fun ways to mark the occasion. You know, besides the ceremonial farewell to Dandelion.

Favorite Crayon Supplies for the Craft Room

1. Alex Toys Doodle Cake Crayons, $19/ 2. Crayola 15-inch 2-lb Mega Crayon, $25/ 3. Neon Multi-Colored Rainbow Crayon, $5/ 4. Kid Made Modern Gem Crayons, $5 / 5. Modern Crayon Caddy, $20 / 6. Eco-Crayons Sea Rocks, $11 / 7. Kid Made Modern Double-Pointed Crazy Crayons, $4 / 8. Munchkin Bath Crayons, $4 / 9. Alex Toys Farm Finger Crayons, $22

How to Get Creative With Crayons

Get Some Awesome New Crayons

There's nothing like a fresh box of crayons. My dad always tells a silly story about how he wouldn't to go back to Kindergarten after the first day when his teacher insisted that he share his brand-new 64-count box with the other kids. He flat-out refused. And, funny fact, he really never did go back. He started first grade the next year and skipped Kindgertenhood all together... Ah, the good ole days.

The above curated options are not your typical crayons--from a mega-sized single hue to DIY doodle cupcake crayons to bathtub-friendly tools, these fun finds with inspire your child's inner artist.

diy crayon patties

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Make Your Own Crayons... or Donate Them: 

Last year for Earth Day, my little guy and I up-cypcled a bunch of broken crayon pieces, and created our own multi-colored crayon patties. It was so easy and such a fun and educational afternoon activity for us to do together. Get the step-by-step how-to HERE.

If you don't want to make your own, you can consider donating old or broken crayons to The Crayon Initiative. They'll turn your old or used crayons into new ones, and donate them to schools, hospitals, art programs, and other do-good organizations.

crayon crafts

Crayon Crafts: 

Crayons can create art or be the art. Using art materials and crayons you have on hand, we would love to suggest Crayola has some cool crafts: 

  • Melted Crayon Butterflies
  • Crayon Art T-Shirt
  • Crayon Letter Decoration
  • Crayon Melter Canvas Art

Click here for the instructions on

Here's another idea, try making a crayon wreath or framed crayon letter. (Both make great teacher gifts too!). And don't forget to celebrate again in August for National Coloring Day.

How will you play with crayons to celebrate this big day?


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