Napkin Rings and Place Cards

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It is that time of year again when we all get together and have delicious meals and spend time with our family. With having so many people coming over the big question is where is everyone going to sit. We found a way to make your napkins look stylish and have the place card all in one spot. These napkin ring place card holders ($29 for 12) from Pottery Barn are a great idea to kill two birds with one stone. Feeling crafty? here are a few more trendy table ideas that involve handiwork not an Amex...

You've probably got a kids table to put together. Why not let the kids get into the fun why you are cooking buy having them make '??nature place card." All you need are blank place cards, paint (any colors you like) and leaves (have the kids pick their favorite ones from outside).

Put the paint on plates, have the kids dip the leaf into the paint, coating one whole side and then press it on to the place cards. You can probably get a few place cards before you need to dip the leaf again. Then once dry you or the children can write everyones name. A quick, easy but fun craft of the kids to do. Your table will look GREAT!

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And one more idea for you crafty types out there. From Martha Stewart--a leaf place card.

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