Mutsy Transporter Review

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Bring on the snow. I'm well equipped with my Mutsy Transporter. After one month of pushing this ride I'm ready to share my opinion: This stroller meets most of the needs of the modern parent. Check out the Momtrends video review and checklist.

Why you'll love it:
Wheels ready for bumpy sidewalks or dirt roads--provide a truly cushy ride.
One-hand steering.
Adjustable handle.
Wide seat.
Excellent maneuverability.
Convertible: Holds a infant/baby car seat, bassinet and traditional stroller seat.

"Peekaboo" window to see baby while pushing stroller.
Rain/weather shield made of pliable plastic--and should be included in the price.
Easier folding mechanism (watch me struggle in the video).
Improved recline mechanism.

Colors: Six

Weight: Approx. 23 lbs.

Expect to pay:
Buy the Mutsy Transporter on ($399)
Buy the Mutsy Transporter with Bassinet ($518)

About the Momtrends stroller review: I road-test each stroller for at least three miles of walking. The Mutsy has logged 30+ miles of active duty. Each stroller will be collapsed no fewer than 10 times. Each stroller will undergo a rainy-day stroll. NO PAYMENTS are accepted for stroller reviews. Stroller companies are more than welcome to advertise on Momtrends, but know this--all opinions are those of Momtrends.

Mutsy did not pay for this review. Momtrends does encourage readers to buy baby gear and strollers via Momtrends affiliate links to help support the editorial team.

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