Comfy and Fashionable Pajamas from Munki Munki

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It got down to 59 degrees the other night. The A/C was off and the window fan on, blowing in some sweet cool midnight air. Not to invite you into my bedroom or anything - mean, we hardly know each other and you haven't even bought me dinner¦ I was wearing a tank and PJ bottoms. Did they match? No. They never do. Why? I have no idea.

Munki Munki Pajama Review

Let me explain. I'm pajama obsessed. I see a new cute pair. I buy it. For both me and my daughter. She has about 17 pairs of feetie PJs because I can't leave Costco without buying a pair.

For all intents and purposes, I start out with fabulous matchy matchy sets, but for some reason, I can't seem to keep both pieces in one piece. There's my pink and white snowball flannel top which is fine, but the pants have a hole in one knee. Therefore, I usually wear the top with my skull and cross bones know, the ones that have the top that was retired when it got the rip in the arm.

I definitely need an upgrade. But they have to be chic and fun. No boring solids for me. Munki Munki has some of the most creative and fun thermal, poplin and flannel PJs I've seen in forever. There's the classic short or long-sleeve button down, button up nightshirt, jersey tee and pant sets. The list of styles is so long, it might put you to sleep.

One thing that won't are the incredibly active designs. Not a quiet one in the bunch...OK, there's a yoga one, but that's about as Zen as they get. There's the festive Dis de los Muertos (one of my favorites), carnival rides, iceskating and hot air ballooning. Animal lovers choose chickens, dogs, penguins, sock monkeys, gold fish and polar bears, to name a few. Fashionistas love the high heels, perfume bottles and ugly Christmas sweaters, while foodies invest in slices of cake, toasters, coffee mugs and sushi. Or how about the "hints for the shopping impaired" design? Might give him some ideas.

They even poke a bit of fun with styles beyond just the basic bedtime wear--pieces like the knit sweetheart jumpsuit, a fun and flirty bubble dress, sexy (in a casual way) babydolls, and knit raglan nightdress. There'??s even a zip front hoodie that complements your Munki pieces, perfect for a small chill or running out to get the mail.

I guess Munki Munki has decided that pajamas, although they put you to bed, don't have to put you to sleep. They can be fun and interesting...because even nighttime style shouldn't be a snoozefest.

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