Unique Mulled Wine Recipes Worth "Mulling Over"

national mulled wine day

I generally think of mulled wine as a festive fall or happy holiday drink. It's spicy and warm and flavorful and soul satisfyingly good on a cool, crisp, and damp day--which is why I've always operated under the belief that, in addition to the regular ingredients, mulled wine also requires a cozy knit blanket, a good juicy book, and a roasty-toasty roaring fire. I serve it up regularly between the months of November and January--and then go without it for the majority of the year...

Alas, I guess my personally mandated nine-month mulled-wine suspension isn't necessary... Turns out, that while spring is approaching, so is National Mulled Wine Day... So mark your calendar, and get your slow cooker fired up (my prefered method of "cooking")--March 3rd will be here in just two days! Whip out the spices, the cinnamon, the cloves, an orange or two, perhaps a little bit of brandy, some sugar, and a bottle of rich red vino, of course... You've got some more "mulling around" to do!

Of course, the unseasonably high end-of-winter temps have me thinking about sunnier days and craving lighter, brighter, sweeter drinks. But, hey, who says you can't put a twist on the hot spiked sipper? If you're on the same seasonal page as moi, a strawberry mulled wine might suit your fancy. White wine, while not as traditional, can also be a delightful base for a mulled wine creation, and might be more up your ally too. Or you could just lose the blanket and the fireplace, and put some mulled-wine ice cubes in your next cocktail creation.

I've rounded up a few unique mulled wine recipes--from sipp-able drinks to spreadable jellies to pour-able syrups to scoop-able sorbets. Apparently, every season is mulled wine season... and now I'm just fine with that!

mulled wine recipes

From top left to bottom right: 1. Mulled Wine Ice-Cubes via Veggie Desserts / 2. Strawberry Mulled Wine via The Magical Slow Cooker/ 3. Mulled Wine Cupcakes via The Happy Foodie / 4. White Mulled Wine via Mitzy at Home /5. Mulled Wine and Plum Sorbet via Beyond Mere Sustenance / 6. Mulled Wine Jelly via The Tomato Tart / 7. Mulled Wine Cheesecake via Sainsbury's / 8. Blackberry Mulled Wine via The Buzz / 9. Mulled Wine Syrup via Honestly Yum

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