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Busting Myths and Exploring the Liberty Science Center #MTMyth


My four year old is going through that amazing super-curious little-kid phase. Every answer sparks another question and every new question leads to a new interest... I kind of hope his NEED (yes, need) to KNOW never fizzles. I like that he craves knowledge about the solar system, the eco-system, and everything in between.

I try not to outright give him the answers to every scientific question he asks me. Never mind the fact that half the time they're above my intelligence level (ha!); I want him to explore, discover, and experiment on his own--well, with a little parental supervision, of course. He's my budding scientist, and I know he's going to do big things one day.


That's why I'm "busting" at the seams to take him to the brand-new MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition at Liberty Science Center. On display now through Sept. 4, I was privy to the exhibit this past weekend, when Momtrends invited our blogger friends and their families to check it out at our very own #MTMyth event. The large gallery is chock full of live demos, hands-on experiments, and sets and props from the TV show, which, BTW, is about to get a reboot! I particularly enjoyed the backwards driving Porsche and the duct tape airplane. (I didn't take my mini man with me this time around, but now that I've been there myself, I'll be able to blow his mind with all my knowledge bombs!)


After a lovely lunch spread and photo opp, we were invited to watch the live Mythbusters show--where a lucky audience member got to try his hand (er, body) at dodging a paint ball bullet! I won't spoil the fun for you, but here's one myth that was confirmed: yours truly will NEVER volunteer to go up on stage for a live-action show (ha!).


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Later, we wandered around the exhibit at our own leisure, seeing some of the greatest and most memorable myths that have either been confirmed or busted. Interactive features were especially popular with our bloggers' children. There was lots of laughter and smiles as siblings "raced" through the two-lane water chamber to determine if you get wetter walking or running during rain showers. Others were trying to decide if they could really pull a tablecloth out from under a fully set table without disturbing anything.


After exploring the expansive exhibit, we were able to check out the rest of the Liberty Science Center. I bee lined for the new Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems display which will be around through Aug. 27. Created to make you question the perception of everything around you, it features mind-blowing, totally brain-boggling displays that explore the fusion of magic, art, science, and technology. It showed how optical, audio, and perceptual illusions can really affect us. I know that I'll never again experience a movie, live show, or amusement park ride the same or without pondering the inner workings of the illusion being presented.

It was such a fun day at Liberty Science Center, getting our lab coats on, setting our brains to work, and putting our myth-busting theories to the test. I cannot wait to return with my own mini myth buster... One thing is for sure: I don't need a mythbuster to tell me that my son won't be able to pull the tablecloth successfully. We've already tested that one at home... It's a bust.

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