Momtrends Great Holiday Gifts #1

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Today we kick off the Second Annual Momtrends 25 Great Gift List. The theme: No Batteries Required. Each of my picks are kid powered. And the first pick is Poloppo T-Me. Poloppo turns artwork and play into treasures like this tee my 20-month-old daughter created.
The competition was tough this year. I received hundreds of pitches. I ended up with 25 top gifts that meet my high standards. This company dreamed up a solution for all the artwork that ends up on fridges and doors--make tees. Poloppo (a mom-run biz based right here in NYC) invites parents, aunties or grands to use those masterpieces from preschool, church or art classes and turn them into wearable art.

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Here's how it works. Your child creates art (my daughter did this in a playgroup--it has glitter glue, pompoms and paint). You scan or photograph the artwork and send via email (or even send the picture to them in the regular mail) Poloppo the image. Poloppo turns the art into a one-of-a-kind tee and mails the gift back. ($21.50-$28.50) You pick the size and style of the t-shirt. Make a tee for big sister or grandpa.

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There's also the DIY kit. ($32.50-$35.50). The kit includes: 10 mini-markers, square paper, a catalog of t-shirts and a pre-paid envelope so, kids can send in their artwork and get it printed on a t-shirt of their choice.

There's more! Right now when you order your tee, you'll get a free iphone wallpaper with your child's art. So cool.

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