Exclusive Talk with Salma Hayek

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Exclusive Talk with Salma Hayek

Pampers Salma Hayek press conference in New York, Thursday, Feb., 5, 2009. ( Photo/Stuart Ramson)

It's not everyday that mommy bloggers get to hobnob with glamorous actresses. But Pampers and Unicef managed to bring some pretty amazing women together today in lower Manhattan to announce the second wave of the "One Pack = One Vaccine" campaign.

The lovely actress (and I must say she is even more luminescent in person), mom and humanitarian, Salma Hayek was there to help launch phase two of the campaign. Here's how it works: for every package of Pampers we moms buy with a Unicef logo, Pampers will fund one tetanus vaccine.

I know I thought tetanus was relatively harmless. But today I found out I was dead wrong. Each year the disease claims the lives of 128,00 infants and 30,000 mothers. And it is 100% preventable. At the event Jodi Allen of Pampers shared her pledge to erdicate this disease, saying, "Pampers is passionate about babies." And it's working. After getting the vaccines, Bangladesh is now tetanus free. All in its estimated that 87,000 lives were saved thanks to this program.

When it was Salma's turn to talk she spoke about her recent trip to see Unicef in action in Sierra Leone. A group of four bloggers, Momtrends, Alpha Mom, Boston Mammas and Parenting.com were given one-on-one time with Salma after the press conference. We talked on grand plans and little hands. Here's what I will share:

Q.) You are incredibly busy. Why are you involved with this program?

I will be able to look back and know I was a part of something that eradicated disease. It is working and it is tangible. They already did it in Bangladesh.

Q.) How did you stay positive and inspired when surrounded by harsh condition on your Unicefmissions?

The staff of Unicef is very inspiring. It is so difficult to get the vaccinations where they are needed. The politics, corruption, poverty...it is an uphill battle.

Q.) How has motherhood changed you?

They keep you so busy, you really don't have time to think about it. But the fascination with my daughter doesn't change. She's discovering new things every day. I have such gratitude that she in in my life. I just want to say to her 'Thank you for coming!'

At the end of out time with Salma we got to connect with her as mothers and women. She's got a 16 month old, Valentina who is clearly the love of Salma's life. She talked favorite books (Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Gorilla) as well as diapers. It's heartening to now she's just like us. And she admitted to all the insecurities we moms have felt. Salma says, "I was really lonely when I was pregnant, I didn't have any girlfriends that were pregnant." I asked if she changed diapers and she looked at me as if I were crazy. "Of course!" was her answer...and she uses Pampers.

So the next time you load up on diapers, make a choice that can save a life. Look for the Pampers/Unicef logo and save a life.

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