Best and Worst Advice for New Moms

Best and Worst Advice for New Moms: Team Momtrends has heard some interesting advice with our babies, here is the best and worst.

When you have kids it's incredible how everyone gives you advice on how to take care your baby. From your mother-in-law to a stranger on the street everyone seems to have words of wisdom to share - some good and others not as much. From how to calm a baby to how to treat rashes to how to get them sleep Team Momtrends has heard some interesting advice with our babies, here is the best and worst.

Best and Worst Advice for New Moms

Kate Bayless - Writer:
Best Advice: Sleep begets sleep. A sleep consultant friends told me this once and I found it so true. A good nap leads to a good night's sleep. Keeping a baby "up" in order to tire him out always backfired.

E.A.S.Y Schedule. I was a schedule person - not for everyone but it worked for me and my brood. The Eat. Awake. Sleep. You. method from Tracy Hogg's The Baby Whisperer helped provide a rhythm to the day, cues for why my babe might be fussing, and me with definitive mom-moments for catching some shut-eye, a shower or a bite to eat during those sleep-deprived newborn months.

Worst Advice: Don't let your baby suck on a floor-dropped pacifier. C'mon. Let your adult immune system take one for the team. Suck it clean and pop it back in.

Alicia Harper - Writer:
Worst Advice: "Wake your son up to feed him in the middle of the night." This was when Aiden was a couple months old. Ummm, nope! If he was hungry, wouldn't he have woken up on his own?

Best Advice: "NEVER wake a sleeping baby." Ditto! and "Take all 'parenting advice' with a grain of salt."

Elizabeth Leach - Writer:
Worst Advice: The worst advice I got as a new mom was in the birthing class I took at the hospital. I was told to use wash cloths instead of baby wipes when changing my newborn. Well, my clothes dryer broke right after I brought my baby home, so I was washing poopy wash clothes and then hanging them out to dry on a clothes line. My mom finally broke down and told me to just use the wipes! I listened.

Best Advice: The best advice I got was born I was even pregnant. A wife of one of my husband's friends took me aside and said adamantly, "Breastfeeding is really hard. You're going to want to give up, but don't." She was right. It was almost impossible to nurse my first baby, but I didn't give up and it finally got easier. Her words stuck with me when I was struggling.

Michelle Spreckles - Writer:
Best Advice: When talking to your children, always get down to their level, look them in the eye" taught to me by my own mama.
And put baby on a calm, predictable routine early. Be consistent. Via Mama as well as little sis.

Worst Advice: Fit your children into your life, don't fit your life into their's. This was the worst, advice, ever! My life with them became my one and only life once they were born, (before even!) trying to be the "old me" just was setting me up for failure, confusion, and disappointment. I embraced the "new me" and fit my "life into their's."

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