Momtrends Contest Winners


Winner of the Zoobie'??You all got seriously creative. But I picked the winner at random.
Seeryus Mama said...the animal's new name will be "Lily-Lime the Crocodile!". Check out her blog here.

Delingos Prize #1
Sue said...

"Okay I cannot stand Polly Pocket - I mean those pieces are so tiny and never get put away where they belong and the one shoe that cannot be found and it is total trauma for a 3 year old. Hello, what are they thinking with that thing!" Check out her blog here.

Sue has won the Large Delingo

Staci over at Mommasgoneoverthewallsays,

"What a hard decision, they are almost all annoying. The worst-this Elmo World keychain that you turn the dial and push to hear it sing. Only, it constantly goes off, "la la la, la la la, Elmo's World." I can hear it in my sleep. Oh, and there's no off switch."

Staci has won the Small Delingo. You all rally hate Elmo. He hands down had the most votes.

Stay tuned for the Little Jet Set/Piggy Story announcement. My friends over there are deciding on a winner! And good news for everyone who loves contests...there's another one coming today!

Winners please email me your mailing address to capricornwriter (at) hotmail (dot) com

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