Momtrends and Martha Stewart


For the Momtrends Blogversary celebration, Martha and I made a trip to the NY Botanic Gardens. On our excursion, Martha simply begged me to take a picture with her and my baby. Ok, ok, Martha enough groveling. You can have the picture. And then she peppered me for style tips as we toured the garden and shared business plans.

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Well, no. Not really. What happened: The Momtrends family his the garden on Saturday morning and stumbled upon Martha filming a segment for her show. She was walking the herb garden and I walked up to her, introduced myself and had a passerby nab a picture.

Lessons learned:

  1. Always have a charged battery in your camera.
  2. Be brave and introduce yourself politely--you may get your shot.
  3. Cute babies always help.
  4. Martha is lovely.

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