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You've been in back to school mode for weeks getting the kids outfitted and organized, now it's time to make a to-do list just for mom. Here's a link to Five Things You Need to Get Your School Year Off to a Great Start. These aren't frivolous purchases'??they're the essential tools you'll need to effectively manage your family and squeeze in time for yourself. Read the full article by clicking this link to Associated Content.

And don't miss out on your chance to let Hybrid Mom (one of our favorite blogs) get you organized with their Mom's Got a Brand New Bag Contest. The thought of baring the contents of the dark abyss known as your purse may seem more embarrassing than someone digging through your dresser drawers - it could win you a one of four brand new designer bags! Simply answer some questions and take a picture (optional but encouraged) of what's inside your purse - the spare change, a Q-tip, a 1/4 PB&J;, lipstick, a plastic dinosaur, everything! The top three entries that receive the most votes will win one three trendy handbags.

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