Mommytime Monday: Triathlon Mom


I spent Saturday morning swimming, biking and running in Litchfield County CT. Mr. Momtrends and I have caught a bit of the triathlon bug. We've been training together this summer. And the work paid off. Not only did I have a fantastic time and not feel any post-event pain, I took home first place in the women's division--a basket of heirloom tomatoes and a gorgeous wild flower bouquet.

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If you're a mom looking for motivation, I say consider a sprint triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike and 3 mile run). It takes some effort but is much easier than say, a marathon. Unlike training for just a single sport I think triathletes can avoid injury. Plus, I rarely was bored working in the three different sports this summer.

What's your fitness goal? Have you ever wanted to do a triathlon? Next summer we may tackle the Olympic distance (double all the distances of the sprint). For now, I'm pleased with my performance and my tomatoes.

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