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Mommy TIme Monday: Women & Technology

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I'm fascinated by the way technology is affecting motherhood. Tell me you don't notice the moms glued to their iPhones at drop off and pick up from school or on the sidelines of soccer games! And there are nearly 4 million of us blogging. So when Intel invited me to a conference on Women & Technology I jumped at the chance to see what trends I could spot.

Genevieve Bell a Cultural Anthropologist and self-described as '??the weirdest'? person at Intel has spent the past 12 years studying women around the globe and how they use technology. Did you know in China they take their phones to the nearest Buddhist temple to have them blessed. Yes indeed, technology is becoming part of the rituals of life. Genevieve gave us a fascinating glimpse of how women are using technology around the globe. I'm not surprised that Fast Company named her one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business.

When it came to adopting new technology, Genevieve told us women are jumping right in. If some new gadget is going to make our lives easier we're game. '??If you are motivated to get something done you will make it happen," said Genevieve. So true. As Genevieve tells it, '??Women have always been early adopters of technology.'?

And here are some things that surprised me about women and technology. We are playing games! 40% of women play video games and 43% play online games. Here's a fact that I already knew: 56% of facebook users are women. Duh! Facebook is all about making and keeping friends and connections--something women have always excelled at.

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Since Intel is all about what's inside of products now marketing specific gadgets, I wondered why they brought this group of blogging women together and I got my answer. Intel is looking to start conversations and steer innovations. With new innovations, Intel can provide the software and engineering possible to make products faster and better performing.

Through a series of demonstrations we saw how Intel can bring their knowledge to industries like gaming, messaging, driving and entertainment (for more information on new developments got to I was most impressed by the display of safety software in cars. Intel is helping to get create embedded cars'??not only will we never get lost and never have bored kids, we may be abel to avoid crashes thanks to some seriously cool technology.

Our afternoon at the Royalton had me hopeful and a little concerned. While all the developments are amazing, I hope we can keep the art of personal conversation alive (remember that statistic that teens send on average 3300 text messages a month!) and remember to STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN on occasion. Technology has allowed more and more women to become entrepreneurs, work from home and get education. I am eternally grateful thanks to high-speed processors I'm able to blog and be a mom. Let's hope we use this computing power for good--not just entertainment.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive lunch and drinks at the conference as well as an extremely generous gift (a new laptop). We were not instructed to write anything about the event and all the opinions expressed are 100% my own--as if there were any doubt.

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