Mommy Time Monday: Vandy Girls Reunion

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Best Girls Getaway EVER! I spent the weekend with my six dearest friends from Vanderbilt. No two of us live in the same state and between the group we have 15 kids--that's a lot of planning. But it all paid off. Our annual trip starts off with recapping and talking about the kids, work, husbands, etc. Then we dig a little deeper--and that's where the magic begins.

Having friends that have know you for a few decades is essential to being a fully actualized woman. These ladies knew me pre-marriage, pre-kids and pre-career. They ground me an inspire me. Never do we spend time in negativity and criticism. This group is about building up, listening and supporting. An amazing gift that I do not take lightly. That's why we plan and leave the husbands in charge so we can fortify these bonds we made here starting in 1988.

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Amazed that seven women can build a friendship based on trust, mutual respect and honesty? I'd like to think this isn't exceptional and other moms across the land have these same support systems. Intermixed with all the talking we hiked and went to pick some of these:

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Don't worry, it wasn't all hikes and deep conversations. I sincerely apologize to Beyonce and the other pop stars--we sang too loudly and danced too wildly, but we had a great time. Oh and we drank plenty of:

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I came away with a tired voice, a full heart and look forward to doing it all again in a year. I am grateful for this gift of friendship and hope to inspire all the moms out there to plan and execute a girls weekend very soon.

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