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Mommy Time Monday: Tips for Guest Blogging Success

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Summer'??s here and we'??re all thinking about vacation and spending quality time with the kids. Have you thought about using this as a time to expand your brand? Or how about freshening up your site with a guest post or two? Now's the time to venture out of your safety zone and enter the world of guest blogging.

Nowadays, I couldn't survive or thrive without guest blogging. In the past year, we'??ve added more paid contributors to Momtrends'??I'??m always hunting for writers that can add a fresh perspective while maintaining Momtrends standards. In additional to these '??hired guns'? I'??m always reaching out to fellow bloggers to contribute to the site to give my readers something fresh and appealing and to share the riches of the blogging community. I've also done my fair share of guest blogging. From business tips to serving as a tour guide to NYC, I'm happy to share my knowledge and network in the blogoshpere.

Why you should be guest blogging:

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  1. You'??ll get out of your comfort zone. Guest posting is a great chance for you to write about a topic that you don'??t usually tackle'??be it crafts, cooking, travel or technology. Taking a break from normalcy just might bring some frshness back to your own writing. I wrote this post on Brooklyn Designers for bonbonrose. It reminded me of all the local talent in my midst.
  2. Neworking. Every time I write a guest post, I'??m bonding with a blogging friend. I'??m learning about their community and maybe picking up some new readers. I shared Ten Unexpected Delights in NYC with April from 21st Century Housewife and I look forward to connecting with her in person on her next trip to NYC.
  3. No commitment. If you are considering starting a blog, guest blogs are a terrific place to start. Find a voice that suits you and start to build a brand--before you sink the time and money into launching your own site.

How to get started
Just ask. It'??s that easy. I'??m constantly inspired by the generosity of our community. Ask a few of your favorite bloggers if they need contributions and then have a few ideas ready. Connect via blog comments or find and email address. Who knows you may even land a paid gig.
Commit to a deadline and meet it. Ask when the post should be turned in and when it can be expected to run. I got a great response from this piece for the Work at Home Mom. When the article posted, I got a link and a reminder and sent it out to my audience to promote it.
Format. Be sure that you aren'??t taking too much time from a busy professional blogger. Inquire about length of post, pictures and format and then pay attention to all the details.
Promote. Make the most of guest posts by broadcasting your posts on twitter, facebook and any other social media you use.
Add a byline. At the end of your include a one or two sentence byline. This lets readers know where to find you if they like what you have to say. Here'??s an example:

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Nicole Feliciano is the Editor and Founder of Momtrends where moms go for the latest news on things trendy and cool. In addition to her blog she offers consulting services to brands like that market to moms.

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Not a newbie? Even the most adored and wildly popular bloggers can benefit. Here's why professional bloggers should join in the fun.

Fresh prose.Mara Gorman wrote a beautiful piece on Vermont for me a few weeks ago. We got some great comments and better yet, she reminded me to notice the details when posting on travel. She'??s inspired me to take better pictures too.

Expand your audience. Bethany from L.A.Stylist sent along an excellent list of unexpected things to do in L.A. I'??m trying to expand my West Coast readership. Not only was this packed with exceptional ideas, I'??ve found a wonderful L.A. contact through blogging.

We all need a break. When I'm out of town, I plan guest posts to fill in the gaps. It keeps Momtrends interesting and gives me a much-needed time-out from the computer.

Momtrends was not paid for this post.

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