Mommy Time Monday: Tea With A Few Princesses

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A few weeks ago, Disney gathered a group of NYC bloggers for tea at the Ritz Carlton. No this wasn't an invite many turned down. Disney presented a new line of high-end 18" dolls called My Princess and Me (debuting just in time for the holidays). While we poured our tea and enjoyed the pretty dresses and accessories, I pondered Disney and the princess message.

I was a tomboy for most of my youth. I grew up with soccer and lacrosse and more boys as playmates than girls. When I had quiet time, I did escape with my dolls. Mostly was obsessed with the fashions (shocking, I know) and I still have some of the outfits. Princesses--they never really did it for me. I never got involved in the damsel in distress story lines.

Fast forward a few decades and I'm the mom of two princess-crazed girls. Disney can do no wrong in their eyes. At first I resisted. I talked up sports and building toys. Now I've given in a bit. Do you know why? Because there is value in the princess.

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Take Belle (my favorite). She's a reader and a dreamer--two great qualities in life. And yes, her hair is always impeccable and she has perfect proportions, but she is brave, brainy and selfless. She doesn't get involved in petty gossiping and seems to have a strong sense of self. If my girls grow up to be Belle-like, I think I'd be pleased.

So I've softened my stance on the glittery world. We ordered an 18" Belle doll (American Girl, I'd be nervous were I you--Disney is on to something here) to befriend my 5 year-old. Now it's up to me to make sure she sees the Belle's virtues not just her beauty. What do you think of the princess phenomenon?

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were treated to a lovely tea and a goody bag of Disney products.

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