Mommy Time Monday: Inbox and Open Road Success

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Empty. That's what my email says right now. Bliss is what I'm feeling. Haven't seen empty in--oh a year or two. With emails flying in at a rate of 200 per day, I have made a pact to tame the beast.

I'm getting off mailing lists and being ruthless about deleting. Yes, I stayed up until 1 am two nights last week, but it feels so good to start the new school year with a clean slate (I'm leading by example kids). After all that hard work, I treated myself to three days of road cycling over the holiday weekend.

In addition to a tidy inbox, I'm now obsessed with MapMyRide. This site allows you to map your workout and record mileage, calories burned and even check elevations. I logged over 50 miles and loved mapping my progress. The program is free--you'll have to suffer through some annoying ads to get to the good stuff (maps, your training page, etc.) or pay for a premium membership and skip the annoying banners that block some of the maps. I'm sticking with free for now.

The system is a simple drag and click. You route a potential ride or a ride you've already done. The site does the rest of the work for you. Here was my big ride of the weekend:

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Then you can get your stats (I felt I deserved and extra piece of cobbler after this ride).

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And to the fine folks at Cannondale that supplied the bike that has gotten all of this cycling passion stirred up inside of me-I'll hope to do you proud this weekend at my end-of-seaon triathlon. This week my daughter starts kindergarten, Momtrends kicks into high gear for fashion month and I'm ready to take it on with a clear head, fit body and excellent frame of mind. Bring on fall!

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a bike from Cannondale earlier this year and yes, we are slightly obsessed with riding it every chance we can get.

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