Mommy Time Monday: First Triathlon

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Powerful. That's how I felt after 16 miles--my first triathlon. I trained all winter and spring to get ready for the big day. We had gorgeous weather in NW Connecticut for the race. 1 hour 38 minutes--that's one good workout in my book. And for those 98 minutes I wasn't anyone's mom. I was a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner.

I admit to feeling a bit of panic as the ladies took to the water. It was a bit of a scrum. I decided to swim to the side a bit so I could find my natural pace. The transition from swim to bike was a riot. I had just about the slowest time in transition--but I wanted my shoes laced just so! (Note to self: buy clip-on bike shoes for next race).

The bike course was gorgeous--all around Lake Waramug in Litchfield County. But then mile 11 of the bike. Ugh, two killer hills (unfair!). I had to walk my bike a bit--but heck there's no shame in that. Then the run--my favorite part. Three miles of smiles as I basked in the glow of the race and all the amazing athletes in my presence. These weren't paid pros (ok, maybe the guy that finished in just over an hour is a pro--how did he do that!). They are moms and dads. Everyday athletes making time for fitness and fun.

Here's what it took: 
Masters swim classes (and a winter of cold post-swim showers)
One wetsuit purchase from Xterra ($99)
Cannondale supplying me with a stellar bike--the CAAD 9.*
Mr. Momtrends giving me parenting support to train.
My in-laws babysitting so Mr.Momtrends and I could race.

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Would I do it again? Yes. In fact I'm already picking out clip-on pedals and bike shoes and looking at the August race calendar.

*Momtrends was not paid for this post. Cannondale did supply the CAAD 9 and I am simply not worthy of the bike's speed and beauty--but I'm working on it.

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