Mommy Time Monday: A Good Beach Read

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With any luck you're in the market for a good beach read to mak the most of MommyTime. Fly Away Homeby Jennifer Weiner might just be the thing for your beach bag. Political wives mystify me. Having to bottle all my emotions and put on a plastic smile for the cameras'?¦not for me. The latest book from Jennifer Weiner centers around Sylvie Serfer the dutiful wife of a NY senator. When the news breaks that the Senator had an affair with a young staffer, Sylvie'??s world is shattered.

Weiner is running with a popular theme (the TV Show The Good Wife is quite popular) and she'??s got plenty of real-life material to work with. I was reminded of the Elliot Spitzer scandal. And like the real world, Weiner doesn'??t believe in tidy fixes. There'??s no easy way to end or repair a marriage.

I'??m fascinated by Sylvie and frankly didn'??t feel I got deep enough into her motivation. Weiner splits the narrative in three'??Sylvie'??s two daughters are also added to the mix. These two young women are less satisfying to watch'??they are self-centered and a tad mundane in the world of chick lit.

But oh, Sylvie is a rich character. Seeing her attempt to push forward as she seeks shelter in her CT enclave is the meatiest material in the book. This is fine summer reading for women that like to follow page six and always wondered what happened after the story broke. We're big fans of Weiner's work (remember In Her Shoes); to read more about the author, you can visit her blog here.

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