Mom Blogs By the Numbers

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We are powerful. This month 32 million moms will visit a blog. I recently looked over a study from emarketer called '??Moms Who Blog: A Marketing Powerhouse,'? which reveals the latest statistics regarding mom bloggers and their influence over their peers. If you are a brand or a blogger you'll want to read this article.

Here are some key stats mentioned in the article include:

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* In 2010, 33 million moms went online in the US

* 90.3% of moms are online in 2010, by 2014, it will rise to 93%

* 54% of online moms visit blogs each month

* 3.9 million women with children under 18 write blogs

* 51.1% of moms use Facebook to tell their friends about a product, 27.8% use their blogs

* Regular moms (not mom bloggers) use Facebook more often than Twitter to discuss parenting issues (49% vs. 4%). Note to self, log on to Facebook more often!

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