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Mixing & Mingling With Bloggers & Brands at #MTNightOut2


Every mom needs a night out. Good food, great wine, some pampering, and a little socialization… Not that we don’t absolutely loooooove and relish the nightly battle that is "bedtime with babies," but, you know, a break from the norm is a welcome change and a total treat. Every now and again... Or, better yet, now and then again and again and again. Bring. It. On.

That’s why we were so excited to, once again, partner with Meredith magazines to co-host our second annual Moms’ Night Out event. We gathered the editors of our favorite magazines (Parents, Family Fun, Fit Pregnancy, and more!), invited a few of our favorite NYC influencers, and brought together some incredible brands for an evening of fun, drinks, and friends.


After a little mixing, mingling, and introductions from Parents editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello, we set our bloggers off to enjoy a few seriously awesome activities, learn about some cool brands, and soak up some much-needed TLC… with vino in hand, of course!


Visit Williamsburg

My family went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA, when I was a kid, and I remember one thing very clearly—it was clean and stunning. Indeed, to this day, it holds a spotless reputation; having been named "the most beautiful theme park in the world" multiple years in a row.

Of course, beyond roller coasters and amusement parks, Williamsburg and the surrounding towns have a ton to offer families: gorgeous woodlands and wetlands, championship golf courses, and exciting culinary adventures. Then, of course, there’s Colonial Williamsburg, the world’s largest living history museum and a veritable learning wonderland for curious kids and grownups alike.


We challenged our bloggers to curate their ultimate Williamsburg vacation and create an inspiration board, customized for their families—while sipping regional mead wine and beer.


New Balance

Moms are always on the move. From morning drop-off to afternoon pick-up to every errand before, after, and in between, we never slow down. The nonstop pace requires a comfortable, supportive, and stylish shoe, and that's why we're loving the new Fresh Foam Arishi by New Balance. Ultra-cushioned and super-cozy, they're lightweight and designed to keep up with your go-go-go #momlife.


We treated our bloggers to mini foot massages (can I get a praise emoji!?), and then had them do a lap around the room in their new Arishi sneaks. Let me just tell you—it's like walking on air and stepping on clouds.

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Swaddle Me

Any new mom will tell you that a swaddle can be the difference between a good night and, well, a not so great one. That's why I was happy to hear about the new additions to the Swaddle Me lineup of sleep-safety products.

The new SwaddleMe Kicksie is a legs-free swaddle that is perfect for warmer weather. It swaddles in a three-point harness while still mimicking the cozy space of the womb. Bonus: a snap at the bottom makes for super easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. The new SwaddleMe Footsie features pajama-like footies to keep a wee one’s toesies extra snuggly on those cold winter nights. And, finally, Swaddle Me has launched three new gift sets for the mom-to-be—three perfect presents to celebrate mama and her newbie!


We know most moms don't get enough zzz's. But better sleep for baby means better rest for mama. We pampered our mommy friends with mini makeovers from GlamSquad... Because, beauty sleep can work wonders—and so can a few layers of concealer!



My son just started Kindergarten, and I discovered one thing about lunch time in the cafeteria. Those little kids don't eat! At least, my guy doesn't. He comes home with a full lunchbox every day. A full lunchbox means an empty tummy—so, needless to say, he's a teeny bit "hangry" during our walk home at 3 PM. That's why I love Jif. I make him a quick PB&J sandie or grab a to-go peanut butter container and some apple slices for dipping, and he's almost instantly happier thanks to his favorite healthy, hearty snacks.


Jif knows that when you feed a kid's potential (and belly!), and the possibilities are endless. That's why they want to celebrate all the ways parents inspire their children to be kind, compassionate, creative, and confident with their "Imagine If With Jif contest." Now through Oct. 20, you can share your idea of how to make the world a better place for our kids, and you could win up to $30,000 to make that dream a reality.

To spread joy and inspire passion, we asked bloggers to choose a blackboard and fill in the blank statements. They shared all the heartwarming ways they're making a difference.



Diaper duty is part of the parenting gig. Luckily, we have a secret weapon to keep the house smelling fresh and looking fab. The Munchkin Step Pail features a self-sealing system to lock out odors. Better yet, Munchkin's Get a Pail, Give a Tree program means that for every diaper disposal system sold, Munchkin will plant a tree.

We set up a lovely mock nursery, and encouraged our blogger friends to embrace their crafty sides and create DIY floral arrangements... Because, motherhood isn't always a bed of roses—but that doesn't mean your house should smell anything less than lovely!


This post is sponsored by Meredith Corp., Visit Williamsburg, New Balance, Swaddle Me, Jif, and Munchkin.

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