Mini Shopaholic Book Review

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Becky is at it again. Sophie Kinsella's just released her latest in the Shopaholicseries and we've had our nose buried in this escapist read. Mini Shopaholic centers around Becky, her dashing but oblivious husband and their spunky daughter Minnie. The fashion-addicted Brit with a heart of gold is now a mom and tackling tantrums and a faltering national economy--it should be noted both are treated with the save level of severity.

Of course we love all the name dropping of labels and Becky's knack for getting herself in ding-batted predicaments. She's the modern day Lucy (of I Love Lucy). Nope, this book won't make you any smarter or wiser, but it's guaranteed to make you forget about your potty-training or fiscal woes for a few minutes as you see our dear Becky in over her head. Buy on Amazon ($13.50)

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