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microsoft free coding camp

I'm all for the great outdoors in the summer, but I don't want my girls to lose any of their brainpower during the summer. To fight the slide, we're doing the TenMarks math program, we're incorporating daily reading time and I sent the girls to coding camp.

Girls Code

The girls were so excited to head in. There were about 20 kids in all participating in the 4-day camp at the Danbury Fair Mall.Camp started at 10 and went through noon. We signed up online (it wasn't the most intuitive sign-up process) about a month before the camp started.

NOTE: Parents have to stay nearby or in store. I worked from a nearby mall area and used the store's free wi-fi while kids get hands on experience in coding with the latest technologies, including Kodu, TouchDevelop, and Project Spark.

microsoft coding camp details

The girls found the Smart Game Coding just challenging enough. They worked in teams on new Surface laptops to create "worlds" and games. The camp is for kids ages 8–10. They got workbooks and group instruction on coding in Kodu and other fun coding apps to build on their logic, creativity, and problem-solving ability.

At the end the girls said they loved it. They learned that creating code isn't "that" hard, but that mistakes can be made and you learn from them. From here it's up to me to give them more exposure. Next I can use Microsoft Imagine to create more games and continue building the "worlds' they learned to create in camp. And I was PSYCHED to see so many girls in camp. About 40% of the kids were girls!

While this won't replace sleepaway summer camp and running in the woods, it's a terrific way to explore the world of code. Learn more about the coding camp and find one near you.

Right now the Imagine Cup--a HUGE Microsoft competition--is under way. I hope one day my girls are so excited by coding that they are participating. A fun, free camp was the best place to start. Who knows, maybe next year we go to a bigger and longer coding camp. For now, they know the possibilities are there and that they are capable of creating code.

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