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Method Laundry System


We're picky about our clothing. I spend a lot of time and energy shopping for the just right clothing for my family. I don't want it wrecked in the wash. I've been trusting Method detergents to protect the fabrics and colors of my clothing now I've got a new addition and I'm spraying my way happy.

The big story is my towels. I'm partial to big fluffy bath sheets. I like to wrap myself after a long shower. Years ago I gave up laundry sheets. I didn't like finding them everywhere and I never found a scent I loved. So I did without.

Here's my other beef with dryer sheets--they are often made out of polyethylene or polyester, meaning that they can'??t be composted or recycled after use. And they are also frequently made with animal fat (yuck!) in the form of tallow for softening.

Now I have a new tool to make my laundry extra fresh and super soft. In fact, I like it so much I've been tossing the towels in after my shower to freshen them up a bit before washing them again. It's like a mini spa treatment for the towels. The formula is plant-based, I'd like to leave the chemicals out of my laundry routine.

I'm the person who hates dry cleaning and the thought of my clothing bathed in chemicals. I try to wash everything at home. And now I can even freshen up my cashmere and fall sweaters with a spray and a short tumble instead of a trip to the cleaner.

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No sheets, no heavy scents and no mess. Here's how it works:


Method dryer sheet spray softens fabric, helps eliminate wrinkles and leaves a fresh scent. The formula is hypoallergenic and ultra-concentrated. Good for your skin, your nose, your planet, and your designer jeans. Available in Fresh Air and Lavender Lilac.

One bottle will last me about 100 loads and expect to pay $7-$8 dollars. It's a tiny price to pay for fresh towels and soft clothing.

So I feel good about the smell and I feel great about the packaging. Method's fabric softener spray bottles are made from 100% PCR PET plastic and can be recycled. The formula is made with coconut oil and you'll never have to find a dryer sheet stuck to the inside of your pants again. Shop online or at Target (where I get all my Method).

Momtrends is proud to be a Method Maven. I'm sent products to test and share my opinion. I'm never given a script--it's me the product and my love of cleaning.

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