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Melody American Girl's Newest Doll

Melody Ellison

Falling in love with Melody, American Girl's newest doll, was easy for me. But I did wonder...

Melody is a gorgeous girl from the 1960s. She loves music, her family and is a little shy. She reminds me so much of my youngest daughter. And get this, they share the same birthday, January 1st. When I found out about the doll I said we one hundred percent needed to add her to our our American Girl family (now six dolls and going strong).

But then the doll arrived and I had a brief pause before I gave the doll to my daughter. Melody is black. She's gorgeous (as are all American Girl dolls), but most definitely has the brownest skin of our doll family. We have Kanani (quite brown and Hawaiian) and many caucasian dolls, but no African American or black American Girl dolls (we have loads of black LEGO friends and Polly Pocket dolls).

Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind about how my daughter would react until I opened the box. This is a moment of truth for parents who are trying to raise culturally sensitive children. I was about to get a report card that I wasn't sure I was ready for.

My girls saw the telltale red box and came rushing into the hall. Inhale. She took one look at Melody and she said breathlessly, "Mommy she's so beautiful." And she hugged her fiercely and welcomed her to the tribe.

Exhale. That was that. No discussion about her skin color.

Funny thing, when I started this site it was never meant to be intensely personal. With most businesses, as they grow they get less personal. Momtrends seems to be bucking that trend.

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Melody American Girl

Thankfully, this interaction didn't stop there. Together, we've been reading the book that comes with Melody. We've been getting to know Melody Ellison and her family in her book Melody: No Ordinary Sound. We're learning about the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of a 9 year old black girl.

The timing couldn't be more spot on. We've been talking about #BlackLivesMatter and what it means to have darker skin in America. For my daughters, it's harder to relate to teenage boys in Florida and why they aren't as safe as white boys. But when we talk about a girl the same age, well that's more relatable. My daughter is moved by Melody's plight both to find her voice to perform in front of a crowd and to stand up to the injustices she faces. Bravo American Girl on the timing of this doll. She's the right girl to start meaningful conversations.

Melody American Girl

That's the heavy stuff, now the fun stuff. Melody has fabulous 60's clothing and really cool accessories, like the Recording Studio and the microphone and keyboard. They are all amped and batteries are required (but not included).

Melody Video Review

Like all American Girl products, the sweetness of Melody will sweep over you. We're fans for life. Tell me friends, are you American Girl fans?

Melody American Girl

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive a doll for review purposes.

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