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Medicine Cabinet Clean Out


Medicine Cabinet Clean Out: How cluttered is your medicine chest? We're teaming up with Vaseline to help you clear out the clutter and treat your skin right this summer. When I took on this challenge, I knew it would take a bit of work. As a blogger, I get a lot of samples (just ask the UPS delivery guy). Which can add up to a lot of half-used lotions and beauty products.

The more disciplined bloggers probably toss what doesn't work right away. Then there are the bloggers who mean to stay organized and sometimes these good intentions get lost along the way.

This summer I've been swimming just about every day with the kids. And I'm out in the sun and heat a ton. While sunscreen is great, when I step out of the shower I'm reaching for a moisturizer to battle my dry skin. Thanks to this cabinet clean out, I tossed the so-so body products and left myself with the essentials.

Don't worry, if you're like me you aren't alone. Here are some FUN FACTS from a recent survey:

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  • 27% of women admit to having a product in their medicine cabinet that has been there for more than 3 years.
  • Over one-third (34%) of women admit to having more than 20 products stored in their medicine cabinet.
  • More than one in three (36%) women admit to cleaning out their medicine cabinet less than once every two years. In fact, 13% of women admit to not ever cleaning out their medicine cabinets.

Why do we end up with so much clutter? Sometimes women feel they have to make a tradeoff between a lotion that feels good, or one that works well--Vaseline® Total Moisture® does both.

I've been using Vaseline products since I was about 10. My dad and I share the genetic code for dry skin. It was always in our cabinets growing up. Over the decades since, I've seen Vaseline change formulas and improve with time. Now better than ever Vaseline® Total Moisture® lotions feel good on skin, while doing good for skin.

The improved Vaseline® Total Moisture® line features three variants now with thicker formulas, enhanced fragrances and new packaging featuring bright, bold colors. Each lotion combines the goodness of pure naturals with the power of the Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex. The hydrating formulas infuse moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of skin, absorbing quickly.

The proprietary Stratys-3 complex combines three key ingredients to deliver effective multilayer moisturization:
1. Glycerol Quat - A breakthrough molecule discovered by Unilever that finally solves the problem of delivering optimal moisturization to very top layer of the skin's surface. GQ acts as a powerful hydrating agent, able to effectively bind more water than glycerin.
2. Glycerin - A well-established moisturizing ingredient which delivers immediate and long-lasting moisture at the core of the stratum corneum.
3. HEU (Hydroxyethyl Urea) - A powerful little moisturizing ingredient designed to absorb and hold moisture in the deep down layer of the surface skin.

All Vaseline® Total Moisture® lotions can be used daily and will be available at food drug and mass retailers. Available in 3 oz. ($1.99), 10 oz. ($3.99), 20.3 oz. ($6.99) and 32 oz. ($7.79) sizes.

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