Make Water Better with Bobble


I'm always on the go. Mom Boss life is never boring. It's a blend of work, play and a whole lot of family). As a busy mom, I know I need to stay hydrated. There's a new water bottle in town and this one does more than just hold your water and save the planet. (Not that either of those uses are insignificant!) Bobble will also filter your water on the go. With it's handy built in filter, the water is purified and tastes even better. It's time I started to make water better with Bobble.

Bobble is available in a 13 oz (The Mini Bobble is perfect for kids' backpacks!), 18.5 oz, 24 and 34 oz. The bottles have a cool shape and are available in a rainbow of fun colored tops. Yes, the Bobble is very stylish. Sporty even. Kids will love to take it to school and I would be happy to bring it to the gym. The carbon filter removes chlorine and other contaminants for two months and then replacement filters are available to purchase. Bobble is BPA, Phthalates and PVC free.

The 13 oz Mini Bobble appeals to kids because of the silly bobbly shape and bright colors. The filters have three colors and silly names: wiz bang, dribble, hopscotch and lollipop for extra punch. The Mini Bobble comes with four Bobble stickers to decorate. With such a fun water bottle, kids will love taking water to school instead of a juice box!

Bobbles range from $8.99 - $12.99 and you can get them at Water Bobble. They make great gifts too!

And if you are a mom on the go, be sure to pick up Mom Boss at your favorite book store so you can forge your path to success.

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