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mad libs live premiere

Combine a grammar lesson with improv and you've got Mad LIbs Live! the newest Off Broadway show for families. My 7-year-old and I attended the NYC premiere last week and had a rip-roaring time. She's all smiles on the red carpet.

Start off the experience by jotting down verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives on sheets of paper (just like the Mad LIbs we used as kids) and the ushers collect the sheets and place them in buckets. Be as silly as you want (yes, we put in the noun "fart" and someone in the audience used "Donald Trump").


Then the real fun begins. The premise is a teen talent search for the next great pop band. The problem? The original songs aren't finished. You guessed it, the audience's slips of paper help fill in the blanks. While the songs are not Les Miz caliber, that's not really the point. The point is fun. You can see the actors vibing off one another as they are challenged to integrate silly phases like "fiery table" into a song. It all works! Bonus--the cast gives a few lessons on grammar during the show.

What to expect? The audience was a mix. There were couples on dates (a great ice-breaker), teens (in a pack and thoroughly enjoying themselves) and families. Since the crowd kept the Mad Libs G-rated, it all worked. Though I wondered what would happen if a cheeky teen popped in a 4-letter word. Didn't happened. And I bet the adroit cast would've handled it with aplomb. If you want to give your kids a taste of what really LIVE theater looks like, this is a wonderful option. Attending these small productions is a terrific way to support the art scene in New York City.

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