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When I think “bubble bath,” I picture my two little ones individually or jointly splishing and splashing, filling cups and pouring out cups, and making Santa beards with soap. I can hear the echoes of their hearty singing and laughter (gotta love bathroom acoustics!), and crisply envision our nightly scene—the calm before the bedtime storm. I can practically feel their weight as I wrap their wriggling bodies up in oversized towels and wrestle them into tight-fitting jammies—you know, before they’re able to make their great naked escapes.

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Alas, I am the mom of little ones and forgot that a bubble bath once meant more… luxurious lotions, potions, salts, and scrubs; endless me-time, bottomless wine, and damp pages in a thrilling new novel. (Oh, an an opportunity to finally shave my legs in peace and quiet!)

Oh right, there is the tumultuous toddler bubble bath and then there’s the kid-free glamorous grownup version. And it’s been way too long since I’ve enjoyed the latter. (If I even tried after I finally got the kiddies off to sleep, I’d likely nod off the second I lit a candle and lowered myself in.)

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Nevertheless, in light of it being National Bubble Bath Day, I’ve rounded up a few of the most decadent and delightful products for your skin-pruning pleasure (and even a premium shower cap that actually protects your blowout!). So tonight, dim the lights, pour a glass of Cab, lay out your plushest robe, put in some earplugs or headphones, and go heavy on the bubbles. Soak the night away. You deserve it!


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