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Lundby Smaland DollHouse

How am I going to save this for Christmas? Lundby, the Swedish dollhouse designers, sent me a cool new moden house complete with decor and I'm swooning over it. Lundby is entering the American market with a novel appeal--they are big on detail, DIY and imagination. Ready or not, here they come.

cool dollhouses from Lundby

The houses are built on a scale 1:18 and will work with playthings you might already have. But there are two big differences: the design element and the “plug and play” electric lighting. You won't find this type of furniture anywhere else.

lundby lifestyle
lundby furniture

Make it your own! At Lundby they want you to make this house a home. That means personalization. There's a Lundby Magazine (download here) to share DIY ideas and decor inspiration. The idea is to set up a storyline behind the home. Ask the kids: Who lives here? What do they do? What are the names? Make a story out of the toy. This is how you create imaginative play and keep kids busy for HOURS!

In addition to illuminating the house you can change wallpaper, add pictures and all the other things nesters to to make a space come alive.

Here's an example of how they aim to get kids busy. Try the DIY DollHouse Pennants:

diy toys. DIY dollhouse project

Step 1.
Take some sturdy string and cut it to the length you want the string of pennants to be. About 20cm is a good length to start with.

Step 2.
Use patterned tape, cut 3-cm-long pieces and fold them over the string so that they stick together.

Step 3.
Cut triangles from the pieces of tape in the size that you want. Repeat this with a space of a half centimeter between each pennant until you have a whole string of pennants. Leave at least 5 cm at each end so that you can hang it.

Head to to see the full collection and to get tips about how they decorate their houses and you can watch a number of videos and see photos of all the furniture and dolls. products.

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