Lunch Box Planning

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It is not rocket science, but it sure feels like it! Yes, some of you clever moms actually make rockets out of sandwiches and fruits and veggies for your kids' lunches. Whether you are one of those moms or not, we have the best lunch planning guide to keep lunch preparation down to earth.

Life is complicated enough- so why not simplify it by using this easy to follow healthy lunch planning guide and shopping list.


Main Dish


Additional Side



organic turkey on multigrain bread

apple slices with strawberry dip

organic string cheese stick

sparkling water or sparking juice

snack bar

grilled chicken fajita in a whole wheat tortilla

dried fruit and nut mix

brown rice pudding

single serve milk or soymilk

graham crackers

peanut butter or almond butter and banana sandwich

hummus and slices cucumber, carrots, or red pepper

drinkable yogurt or kefir

no-sugar flavored water

organic or natural cookies

tuna and veggies with whole wheat crackers

organic apple, orange, kiwi or grapes

whole wheat pasta salad

bottled water

whole grain fruit and nut bar

turkey and avocado sandwich on multi-grain bread

cherry tomatoes

yogurt with whole grains or squeezable tube yogurt

flavored seltzer

cheese and crackers

macaroni and cheese

fresh berries with yogurt and crunch cereal

honey wheat pretzels with honey mustard dip

single-serve chocolate lowfat milk or soymilk

whole-wheat fig cookies


Fruit and Veggies

Meat/Meat Alternative


Tomatoes Lettuce Kiwifruit Bell peppers Avocado Grapes Carrots Celery Bananas Apples Raisins Cucumber Berries Applesauce

Soy deli slices '?? Yvees Deli Organic turkey, chicken or ham slices '?? Applegate Farms Free range chicken breast Vegetarian chili '??Yvees Veggie

Berries Plum organics banana peach rice pudding Chicken or soy nuggets, like Quorn, Dr. Praegers or Boca




Fresh or canned wild Alaskan salmon White tuna from Wild Planet Beans '?? Amy'??s organic or Eden'??s Organic Rice and Black bean Garden vegetable and tortellini soup '?? Amy'??s

Bottled water Flavored water < /span> 100% juice boxed- Apple and Eve Organic Izze sparking juice Single serve milk boxes '?? Horizon Organic Non-dairy single serve soy milk or rice milk Fruit Smoothie Welch'??s Organic grape juice Vegetable juice '?? Kagome'??s fruit and veggie blend

Whole grain bread, like Rudi'??s Wraps '?? try Food for Life Whole wheat pasta Whole grain crackers Baked tortilla chips Natural granola Macaroni and cheese mix - Back to Nature or Annies

Dairy/Dairy Alternative



Cheese sticks Mozzarella
Soy cheese Cottage cheese Free-range eggs Yogurt- Brown Cow Fruit and Whole Grains Drinkable yogurt Pudding '?? Zen Soy Kefir '?? Lifeway Probugs Silken tofu

Almond butter Peanut butter or soy butter Hummus Salsa Salad dressing Fruit spread '?? no sugar added

Graham crackers '?? Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks Granola or granola bars Organic or natural cookies '?? Immaculate Baking Co. Snack bars - Clif Z bar or Pro Bar Backed potato chips Cheese crackers '?? Healthy Handfuls Nuts '?? almonds or cashews Fruit strips '?? Tropicana Fruit Wise Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops Honey Wheat pretzels

Print it, stash it in your bag and never think about what to make for lunch again. You're welcome dear readers. You're welcome.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. Thanks to Kiwi Magazine (2006) and Diane Henderiks, RD, "Dietician in the Kitchen" for sharing this amazing guide.

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