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Live Your Best Life


We all aspire to live our best life, don'??t we? So what does it take to do it? Thanks to Truvia (nature'??s calorie-free sweetner), we attended Oprah'??s Live Your Best Life seminar to listen to the experts - Suze Orman, Nate Berkus & Martha Beck- and boy, did we get the scoop for you!

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'??Always fill your cup first,'? were Oprah'??s first words as she greeted thousands of cheerful women (and a few men). It didn'??t take long for our empty cups to begin filling up. We listened to Suze Orman'??s talk about money, '??the foundation of life.'? She stressed the importance of having an 8-month emergency fund to maintain control of our lives. Passivity won't do. Suze outed the audience members that were mired in debt. Her admonition: "Stop spending to impress people!"

Practical advice: 

  1. Transfer your balance to a credit union with a good credit card ( and low interest rates. 
  2. Save for yourself first ( and contribute to your 401K or 403B retirement plans. Invest in stocks that pay a high dividend yield and stay with companies in the USA. 
  3. Get Term Life Insurance (all others are ripping you off). 
  4. Go to get more tips on spending your money wisely.

Next we visited Nate Berkus (how cute is he?) who enthusiastically shared ten ways to live life more beautifully in your home.

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1. Live Bold '?? break barriers, understand what feels good to you and know your own taste.
2. Spring Bouquet- honor yourself and lift your mood with fresh flowers.
3. All About Detail '?? buy things that speak to you and don'??t get caught up in trends.
4. Collections '?? create a gallery of things you love.
5. Remove Focus on TV '?? surround it by books, photos, or art.
6. Edit, Edit,

Edit '?? use what you have, move it around or regroup it and you will see it differently.
7. Pictures '?? create a gallery wall of photos (I just did this and it is better than any piece of art).
8. Use Good Stuff '?? take out the wedding china and the stuff stored away and use it. You are worth it.
9. Sleep Late '?? find one day per month to sleep in. Buy the nicest sheets and avoid looking at thread count. A higher thread count doesn'??t mean it is better. The quality of cotton (like Egyptian) and the weave (should be tight) are the key.
10. Art '?? no home is complete without art. Go to schools with student artists and buy original. Don'??t worry about investing. Frame things from books or whatever is interesting or has meaning to you.

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And finally, we ended our amazing day with Martha Beck, life-coach extraordinaire, whose words left us on the right pathway in life.

"Find time to be still and wordless."

"The further you move away from your true path in life, the louder it will get."

"Do one thing that scares you and leads to your hearts desires everyday."

"Use the word play in place of work."

"Laughter will always bring you back to your right road."

"Be grateful everyday."

Momtrends was not paid for this post. Tickets to the event were sponsored by Truvia.

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