Líllébaby Embraces Norweigan Style


Incorporating baby into all your favorite activities has never been easier. I'm keen on the products coming from Líllébaby. This month Momtrends is teaming up to give away two of the chic new EveryWear baby carriers, but I also want to call attention to the Euro Tote. Momtrends applauds the trend of bringing cool design and into the realm of parenting.

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I used a trendy cocoon-like baby carrier for our second daughter. But mine merely worked in the stroller and as a portable little bed. The Euro Totemorphs into FIVE products (I know, I know sounds like an infomericial, but it's true!). Outfitted with two strong shoulder straps, the tote can be carried on your shoulder. Or click baby into a car seat or stroller while in this cozy bunting. The tote has an adjustable closure to keep wind out or let fresh air in--it's up to mom.

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Pack up you baby (up to 25 lbs) in this light carrier and don't miss a chance to share the world with your child. This is ideal for heading to restaurants, parties, church, and for a quick overnight trip. When baby gets bigger the totes serves as a rest mat.

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