Cute Hair Styles with the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review

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I have optical illusion hair. This doesn't mean that if you stand and look at me for a long time you either an old lady or a vase. I'm not that deep.

No I mean that I have the appearance of fine hair but upon closer inspection you'll see I have thick thin hair. Translation: a ton of fine hair. I have so much that whenever there's a new person washing my hair at the salon, they gasp at how long it takes to get all the shampoo out. Settle down, lady, and get comfortable. We're gonna be here for a while.

With this in mind, I can never find hair things that stay in place. Sure, I turn to Goody (who doesn't) and their elastics work fine (pun intended) enough. But half way through any movement that's more than a nod, my ponytail ends up down around my neck. I actually welcome this at times. For instance, it's a great reason to stop half way through a tough cardio class at the gym - oh I'm sorry I can't do that 150th lunge -I have to rearrange my hair, can't you see?

But most of the time this is annoying. When I put the Lilla Rose Flexi Clip in my hair, I shrugged and just waited for it to slip. It didn't. Ever. Eighteen hours later, I realized I had slept in it and it hadn't moved. No joke. I slept in the damn thing. This is not only proof that it stays put, but also a testament to how it lies flat and comfortable against your head.

Here's how it works. It has a flexible main clip and a sliding pin that goes behind the hair to trap it against the flexible decorative part. You can do everything with this miracle clip--a low pony, a half-up pony, a tails up (my favorite and typical go-to style) and the French twist. They are all quick and easy, and obviously I've given a nod to the idea that it stays put.

The clips come in a bunch of adorable styles, from whimsical sea turtles, skulls and dragonflies, to more subtle sunflowers and simple dangles. There are multiple sizes, so make sure you follow the video guide on how to size it. Because it's flexible, you probably don'??t need as big of a clip as you think you do. I was surprised as to how much hair my medium clip held. Even the mini holds a huge amount of hair (and is perfect for your little ones locks). Since it comes in six sizes, you might want to grab a couple. Small might work for a ponytail, but a large for a French twist.

Believe it or not, it's still in my hair from last night. I had to reach around to see, but little prominent silver dragonfly is right there where I left it...over 24 hours ago. Does this mean I will now stop caring for my hair? No, I'll take it out eventually to wash, dry and reclip. But I will say one I spending hours on styling my updos? Nope. That's just an illusion.

The Flexi Clips are available at for $15 to $25.

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