Lightweight Stroller Options from Baby Cargo

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I've been a mom for about 4.5 years, and in that short time I have tested out over six different strollers (we publish a comprehensive stroller guide, check it out). Maybe something of an obsession, I am continuously looking for a "perfect" model; a stroller that is lightweight, easily glides, functional and offers a substantial amount of storage. I've experienced some of these features and have found that I like one feature in one stroller and another feature in a different stroller - always trying to blend my different needs. It's time for road-testing the lightweight stroller options from baby cargo.

Lightweight Stroller Options from Baby Cargo

Now that my baby is a year, I have been looking for a stroller that is lightweight as well as one that leans back for napping on-the-go. Living in the New York area also means that I get a lot of use out of our strollers so I need something that will last through the streets of the city and is easy for be to carry when there aren't elevators nearby. Adding to my search for the perfect stroller, I have been testing out the lightweight stroller from Baby Cargo, a new line of modern baby gear inspired by iconic architecture, chic fashion and fresh interior design. 

I had a chance to preview the line at the fun travel in style event sponsored by Trumpeting Media a few months ago and I loved how easy it was to fold as well as how smooth its glide was. Inspired by the durability and versatility of modern home furnishings, I was excited to test out the 200 Series Stroller ($149.99) in the color smoke/mirrors (a muted grey) that would be a comfortable stroller option that I would use on a daily basis.

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Putting it together was very easy as two wheels easily snapped into place, I then attached the black matte aluminum frame and we were off. As a lightweight stroller, there was no strain when I pushed or discomfort. The ride was very sleek as we guided along the often rough city streets. For the baby, I loved that she had an adjustable leg rest, a soft cotton seat and multi-position backrest that allowed her to relax while-on-the-go. Since she is my second baby, sometimes napping is a little more erratic and happens on-the-go. A major bonus of this stroller is that it leans back so that she can comfortably nap (and that she did!). Another part of living in the city is that you have to fold stroller when you go on city buses.

With this stroller, I could easy fold it up - making it perfect for compact travel, which I could imagine would be amazing for family travel! Since we are car-free, I also appreciated that the Baby Cargo had a good amount of storage - it's not a crazy amount - but it works for a grocery bag and the basic essentials (wipes, diapers, bottles, etc). I also loved that I could interchange this stroller between my two daughters - making it ideal for both babies and toddlers, so you don't have to spend a lot to have a stroller that will last for a few years. Featuring bold and unique colors, the 200 series also comes in Ocean/Stone and Cherry/Pom - making it easy to find a look that is perfect for your personality.

Additionally, the Baby Cargo line includes two other stroller options - 100 Series ($109.99) and the 300 Series ($179.99) - so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. The 100 Series in incredibly lightweight where the 300 Series offers a bit more comfort. Baby Cargo is also introducing the new Georgi diaper bag, a functional accessory that attached to the Baby Cargo strollers (as well as most strollers). This bag adds another level of storage where you can comfortably be hands free and neatly fit all of your essentials in style.

As our new stroller, I am excited that I (finally) found a lightweight option that allows my baby to sit upright and sleep as well as folds easily and features a seamless stroll - offering moms everyone a model that is stylish and one that baby's can feel comfortable in.

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