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LEGOLAND Germany Review

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Theme parks are a classic family vacation spot. The rides, the shows, the lively settings—it’s no wonder kids like them so much. On our recent European family trip, we were visiting relatives in Stutttgart, Germany and decided to plan a visit to LegoLand Germany.

We’ve been to the park in Florida and loved it. This was a chance to see how the Germans style a park.

legoland, legoland Germany, travel with kids, LEGO friends, LEGO review, MIniland Veniice

My favorite part of the experience is MINILAND. I love seeing how the LEGO artists bring the storied buildings to life with LEGO bricks. Each LEGO park has a MINILAND. LEGO artists rebuild landmarks in detail on a scale of 1:20. Mr. Momtrends was impressed with the Berlin Reichstag. I was a fan of Venice.

The rides were designed to keep all ages engaged. From my youngest who IS NOT a daredevil to my oldest who craves a thrill. Since we were there in August, the lines were long. We spent 45 minutes waiting for the Project X Test Track roller coaster but it was worth it hooting and hollering with my girl.

Junior Driving School

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For the little one, the highlight was the “real driving” experience at the Junior Driving School. She’s working on her motor skills—turning the wheel and pushing the gas was a novel concept for her, but she got it thanks to a patient guy running the ride.

Plan on catching some of the shows too. We saw some amazing acrobatics from the Chinese National Circus performing in the CHIMA show.

The grounds are clean and there’s plenty of shade and places to rest. We brought a picnic lunch and found a cool spot to enjoy our snack.

And a write-up on LEGO wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the souvenirs. My girls are officially obsessed with LEGO Friends. We picked up some new sets and they were all the girls wanted to play with on the Italian leg of our journey.

legoland, legoland Germany, travel with kids, LEGO friends, LEGO review

I had a funny twitter exchange about the Friends having boobs and how that was disturbing to some moms. I barely noticed the small “buds” I all saw was my girls enjoying building. We’ve tried standard LEGOs for years and they’ve been liked but not loved them. Well, they might be gimmicky, but they LOVE them.

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