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Ask anyone - I'm organized. We have to be, right ladies? Whether we're SAHMs, WAHMs, WMs, OMGs, LOLs, whatever...we have a lot on our plate (but not too much because we have to watch our weight too). My secret weapon is no secret. I'm a list freak. My lists have lists. Every morning, I get up and I write a list about what needs to/should be done that day. I'm not OCD compulsive, just crazy organized. that the same thing? Forget it. Anyway...

Get Organized with Products from Knock Knock

My husband is adorable. Notice I didn't say he was organized. Mind you, the man can make a mean list. He takes out his pen and looks all serious as he scribbles down these to-do items. The problem is that the list just gets glanced at throughout the day, never really checked off. At bedtime, he just crosses out the Monday or Tuesday or whatever day at the top and renames it the following day. Check it out - a new list! Not. So in addition to not being all that organized, he's a bit of a procrastinator.

Well, there's a pen for that. Knock Knock is well-known for its cheeky offices supplies and gift ideas, so when I saw the Procrastination Pen, I knew I had found the right thing to help my husband write his tasks down. I should have gotten the Get Things Done Pen, but I think he'll find more humor in the "I'll do it later" writing implement.

Knock Knock has become my new favorite place for when I have something to convey that's better when wrapped in humor. Fear not...there are still supplies that you can use in real life, like their All Out Of grocery list and the Parents Night Out tablet. But I sort of enjoy the funny stuff a little more. I'm cruel that way.

I've also found a few other things to keep my poor husband's life full of laughter. Like the Seriously? stickie notes. I figure I can put one on the dirty clothes pile on the floor next to his side of the bed. Or maybe I could write a sweet little sumthin' that I could leave on the Netflix movie he chose. Of course he can retort with a message on a Blah Blah Blah stickie note. And then when I get angry, he has everything to grovel with packed inside the Apology Fete-a-Tete Kit, including a greeting card, compliant mini-banner, matching coasters, and adhesive wine label. He just has to add the wine.

These little treats aren't just reserved for family members. Show your friends some love as well. Perhaps with the No One Likes A Hot Mess doily coasters, gently reminding your girlfriends to watch themselves during GNO. And coworkers won't second guess your promotion when you show up with the Useless Documents to Provide Appearance of Importance in Meetings folder to the next boardroom.

Knock Knock...opening up loving communication between sarcastic snarky comment at a time. And for that, I thank them.

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