Kitchen Essentials: OXO Salad Spinner

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It's Get Cooking Month on Momtrends. That means we are going to be sharing a ton of recipes and tips to make preparing meals for you and the kids easier--and dare I say it a lot more fun. As part of the month's features we're going to be talking about Kitchen Essentials. Tools that make life in the kitchen more productive. First up? My beloved OXO Salad Spinner.

We bought the traditional white ($27.99) one and after being used at least 4x a week for two years, the spinner is going strong. I'm a little green with envy that there is a new color out, but wouldn't trade mine for the world.

Why spin? Soggy lettuce will be unappealing on the plate and water-down any dressing you add to your salad. Plus, cleaning greens in a salad spinner uses less water than rinsing in a sink.

Tip: Get your kids involved in the kitchen. Spinning a salad and shredding leaves can be done by kids as young as three. Getting your sprouts involved may lead to them eating more leafy greens.

Need inspiration? How about my Fresh Tomato Salad. Clean up the basil in a flash with your salad spinner.

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