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Fresh and pretty KidCuteTure ( is a brand we think every little girl will want in her closet. Some of the best girl's clothing we've seen this fall comes from this mother-daughter design team. Designed for fashionable little ladies ages 2 to 12 years, these clothes celebrate color, movement and exceptional design.

When our samples arrived, my little girls could barely contain themselves. The pops of color and lively embellishments were just the thing to capture their hearts. If I had to guess, I would have thought the clothing came from an exclusive Paris boutique.

The silhouettes invite movement thanks to the soft jersey cotton fabrics used. Though girly and flirty, there is nothing stiff about this line. Your girls can AND WILL wear KidCuteTure clothes all day long. For a list of stores that carry the line visit this link.

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The line is inspired by European commitment to quality, Japanese curiosity with form and an American sense of humor. KidCuteTure is committed to making beautiful and functional apparel for daring little girls everywhere. We've got two of those--girls who love to turn a cartwheel or race barefoot in the grass just as much as they love to play dress up and put on a show. KidCuteTure embodies all the very best parts of being a girl--they can AND WILL do anything thier hearts desire. Visit to see all the collections.

Momtrends is proud to have KidCuteCure as a fashion month sponsor. We never are paid to write a positive review. We see, touch and try on all the clothing we rave about. Happy shopping!

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